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Live Baynes Sound oyster

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These oysters are our signature beach grown oysters. Known for their "full-slurp" effect, this oyster has a full body and showcases the mineral flavors of the Baynes Sound. They have a tough shell from being tossed around on the rocky beaches, but this only creates firmer meat. FLAVOR PROFILE: Briny flavor, robust finish, cucumber taste.

For shucking instructions, please click here.

Storing your shellfish:

    1. When you receive your fresh, live shellfish, remove them from their shipping packaging.
    2. Place them in an open container to retain their natural juices.
    3. Cover the shellfish with a damp towel or layers of damp newspaper.
    4. Place them in your refrigerator.
    5. Shellfish stored this way will easily keep 2-3 days.

Need cooking ideas? Please click here.

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