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Live Golden Shell oyster

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Grown solely in our deep water suspension trays, hung from rafts in Fanny Bay, this oyster is known for the light brown or "gold" color of its frilly shell. They are a light and sweet oyster that is easy to shuck and even easier to eat on the half shell. FLAVOR PROFILE: Fresh notes of parsley, cucumber and hints of lavender.

For shucking instructions, please click here.

Storing your shellfish:

    1. When you receive your fresh, live shellfish, remove them from their shipping packaging.
    2. Place them in an open container to retain their natural juices.
    3. Cover the shellfish with a damp towel or layers of damp newspaper.
    4. Place them in your refrigerator.
    5. Shellfish stored this way will easily keep 2-3 days.

Need cooking ideas? Please click here.

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